Herramientas de Corte Especializado


Sierra Manufacturing is a private, Mexican, and family-owned business that has been in operation since 1995 in San Luis Potosí, México.

Our core market is the production of special cutting tools, including the regrinding and remanufacturing of these tools; lending solutions to the global market, delivering cutting tools of the highest quality, on time, and with highly competitive pricing.

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Inserts made to perform ®

Sierra Manufacturing is the leading family-owned and operated manufacturer and remanufacturer of specialty indexable inserts, based in San Luis Potosí Mexico since 1995.

Savings through Tool-Life​

Savings by Regrinding​

Speed to Market​

Guaranteed Quality​

Our Clients​

Sierra Manufacturing  delivers cutting tool solutions to some of the largest suppliers in the automotive, aerospace, energy generation, mining ,as well as many other industry sectors.

30% Better Tool-Life

Compared to leading global suppliers.​

60% Improved Delivery Times

Compared to leading global suppliers.

50% Instant Savings

Using regrinds and remanufactured tools.

More than 25 years of cutting tool excellence.